Retrieve the layout of diagram from a previous layer


I have a question about diagram layout between layers
Are there some tips to retrieve the layout from one layer to another ?

For MSM diagram, it is possible to retrieve the layout from SA to LA for instance, but I didn’t succeed in doing it for other modeling concepts.
For instance, retrieve the layout of actors from a SAB diagram in a LAB diagram ?

Thanks in advance for any help

Here are some suggestions :

  • It’s possible to retrieve the format (layout & style) of selected elements and paste it between layers with the buttons in the bar above the diagram ‘Copy the format of the selected elements’ and then 'paste the current recorded format (layout and style) to the selected diagram.

  • I think that the ‘Accelerator’ in the palette called ‘Initialization from existing diagram’ could also help : "Initializes the current diagram according to an existing diagram defined in the previous architecture. It adds realizing elements for each elements from the source diagram and preserve layout between diagrams. This tool does not modify the semantic model "

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Thanks a lot for your answer

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