Reset modifications in TeamForCapella

While modelling with TeamForCapella, I would like sometimes to revert the changes I just made. So I don’t want to save the model but want go back to the orignal version of the model when I first opened it (or the current version modified by other people who model in the same time).
For example, imagine I modified a diagram and created some links, but at the end I am not happy with the result so I want to go back and reset my changes. Of course, I could use "undo/Ctrl+Z"one hundred times but 1) it is not practical and 2) it does not unlock the elements I modified. Is there already such a functionality to directly revert the changes ?

In the workbench main toolbar, you should have the icon attached to this message.
This toolbar action the the “Discard Remote Changes” which will cancel all changes since the last “SYNC” state of the session. It is also supposed to release the implicit locks which have been taken from your model modifcations.