Requirements VP

is the System Functions - Requirements table compatible with the Requirements VP add-on ?
I’m using Capella WB 1.3.1 with the latest add-on release, I can import ReqIF file, add Relation Type, specify Incoming or Outcoming links with satisfies or is allocated to Relation Types I’ve created … so this is very interesting features.
Going further I tried to create a System Functions - Requirements table.
I can see functions and Requirements imported in the matrix, but can’t figure out to view or specify a relation Type ?
is it possible yet or am I missing something ?

I think the tables with Requirements take into account the “old” built-in Requirements that are available in Capella, but not the ones that you can create with the add-on.
So I suspect it is normal you cannot access to the relation types you defined. I am even surprised that you see the “new” Requirements in the table …