Requirements VP: Traceability not Appearing in Semantic Browser, Traceability Matrix and Mass Visualization View

I am testing the Requirements VP add-on traceability features and have encountered some problems.

I would like to have visibility of traceability from Requirements to model elements. I’m not using ReqIF import but rather input requirements manually. So I created the structure below:


In order to test the traceability I created the traceability links below between the requirements and some model elements (functions and system). However, when I add the Requirement to the mass visualization view, nothing appears in the “allocating elements” and “allocated elements” columns. See below:

Even the traceability matrix (system functions to requirements) will not display any traceability.


The semantic browser does not show any traceability as well when I click the Requirement element:

The referenced elements will not show any traceability in the semantic browser as well:

If I inspect therequirement element, it does show the relations (called allocations):

What am I doing wrong here? Is it some problem with my installation? Tried this with both Capella 5.1.0 / Req VP 012.3 and with Capella 6.1.0 / Req VP 0.13.1.

Obs.: I did this test with a test reqIF file I had here and I had the same results.

Hi Fabio,

The content of the columns in the Mass Visualization table is based on the content provided by the Semantic Browser.
For the Semantic Broser to display the Requirement Allocation Links, you need to click on this button:

From there both should work. Let me know.



Thank you so much Stephane! Now it works on the semantic browser and mass visualization views.

But the trace matrix still doesn`t work:

I won`t show the allocatedallocating requirements (which are visible on the Semantic Browser)

I reviewed the Requirements VP Add-On Manual and it doesn`t refer to the “System Functions - Requirements” traceability matrix.

Is the traceability matrix part of the legacy requirements feature of Capella? (and maybe it is not really meant to work with the add-on)

Yes, this is what I was going to say.
The easiest way to produce a Matrix then would be to generate it with Python4Capella.


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Thanks, I’ll look into it!

Hi Fabio,
From your example, it seems that you combined both Requirement-VP and Capella legacy Requirements.
the “System Function - Requirements” is part of the legacy requirements, and it’s not supposed to work with Req-VP.