Requirements internal links in documentation

Happy new year to everyone!
I’m trying to put in my documentation derived requirements which are considered as internal links.
I tried to list the relation by the following code to list / catch what I’m interested in:

{m: for req | self.eAllContents()->filter(Requirements::Requirement)}
{m: for rela | element.ownedRelations}
{m: rela.relationType.ReqIFLongName}
{m: endfor}
{m: endfor}`

If CapellaIncomingRelation type of links & CapellaOutgoingRelation type of links are appropriate displayed, it seems that internal links are omitted.
I would be glad to figure out if there’s a way how to access to these data.
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Hi and happy new year !

Do you have any error at runtime ?

The internal relation is in an other metamodel (EPackage), I think adding the nsURI to your template should solve the issue:

You can use the template properties wizard to do so.

Hi Yvan,
thank you for your responsiveness and your support in this forum.
In fact, it’s a guilty programmer issue :wink:

{m: for rela | element.ownedRelations}

should be replaced by

{m: for rela | req.ownedRelations}

The element is a Requirement parameter part of the template construct.

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