Requirements in Capella - requirements viewpoint

I found a way to link requirements from differents enginering developpement level (Operational Analysis, Logical Architecture…) by using Requirements Viewpoint add on.
Therefore, it seems that the scheme view of linked component is only available for components from same enginering developpement level. Am i wrong ?
The goal is to get a view of all requirements and theirs links and relations. How can i get that ? Any thoughs ? Thanks in advance.


It is a good idea, but today at my knowledge it is not possible with the current requirement viewpoint. It should be feasible considering the underling technology of Capella.

If you have java & EMF competencies or someone in your team has, you can develop such diagram using Capella Studio.

Anyhow I will take note of it and check with the development team if it can be put in the backlog.


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