Requirement Verification

Does Capella provide a Requirement Verification Matrix table and a Functional Allocation Table at SA Level?

There is no dedicated matrix in Capella 1.2.1/1.2.2. The enhancement would be welcome.
Capella 1.3 will come with a generic table visualization, hthis should allow to produce useful requirement tables (with export to CSV)

Thank you, Stephane.

I do not manage to use requirement matrix in Capella 1.3.
Unlike other type of matric, I do not have any name for requirements on the top line and links between requirement and functions does not appear in matrix. (picture attached)
When trying to edit the matrix adding “X”, Capella return this error message:
"An error has occurred. See error log for more mpl.RequirementImpl cannot be cast to ent "
Also, because requirements can be allocated with almost any Capella object, is there a way to trace requirement with other object than function?

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