Requirement Trace and Requirement - System Functions Table

I have a question or need clarification regarding requirement trace issue. After generating requirements set, I want to create traceability links between some functional requirements and system functions. I perform this via “Trace Manager”. In my opinion, requirements shall be “referencing elements” or “source” for system functions. I created trace links in this way. However, I can not see requirement - system function match (X symbol) in the matrix. If I create link in the opposite way (see the below picture), the match (X symbol) appears in the matrix. Would you please help me regarding this issue?

Second question, I could not allocate requirements to systems or actors. How can I perform this?

Hi Oguzhan,
Actually, the first question I would have is: are you using the Requirements Viewpoint to create your requirements?

Hi Stephane,
I have not used it yet. Actually, I used it in some other projects. But now, my question is regarding internal requirement management in Capella.

I understand, the issue here is: this requirements data model is a legacy one, it is still there for compatibility with older projects, but it is not something that is really supported anymore and should be removed in the next versions of Capella.
So whenever you are using requirements with Capella, you should really use this Requirement Viewpoint add-on.

I totally agree with you. I will change my method. Thank you Stephane.

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