Requirement "req IF identifier" fix in Capella

Hi all,
I have a set of requirements in my model imported from an old req if file.
They have been linked with Logical functions in the model.
Unfortunately now the Req IF identifier has been modified in the new req if file. If I do the import with the new file all existing requirements are tracked as “removed” and then “re-added” as new. If I accept this modifications, I will lose all links from requirements to logical functions existing in the model.

To avoid this, as workaround I thought to modify the old Req IF Identifier and Req IF Foreign ID in a requirement with the one assigned to the same requirement in the new req if file.
I edited manually the IDs from the panel Property → Expert of the requirement.

If it try to do the import now, nothing is this possible?
What is the parameter used by the reqif import to consider 2 requirements the same?
Do you have any idea to avoid to do again the links of all requirements to the related Logical functions?
thanks in advance

Hi Giovanna,

My understanding from your message you have imported a set of requirements to Capella from a ReqIF in the past and now you have generated a new ReqIF file with the same set of requirements, but and you would like to update the requirements in Capella and not generating a new Capella requirements module.
If this is the case, when you import the requirements from your latest ReqIF file, Capella will create a new requirements module. That is because the “Req IF Identifier” is different, hence, Capella considers as a new set of requirements and creates a new module.

The parameter that you may need to update, and match between ReqIF file and Capella might be the REQ IF Identifier Capella. You can verify it under: Properties → Expert.

You may need to do the following steps:

  1. In Capella, open the previous requirements module and go to Properties → Expert and copy the “Req IF Identifier”

  2. Open the latest ReqIF file requirements version and search for all the variables below:

  • rm-reqif:VIEW IDENTIFIER

Replace for each of them with the copied Req IF Identifier ID.
I am not an expert, but I believe the parameter “SPCIFICACTION IDENTIFIER” is the one that needs have the same reference in both Capella and ReqIF file. However, updating all the parameters listed above will make the ReqIF file consistent.

I believe you have already done this step.

You may want to read this other topic Requirements links created after initial reqif import break after reimport

Where do you have your model repository? On a server?

There is a step that you might have missed:

  • When you do a reqif import in a Capella project, a .capella.bridgetraces is created (filtered by default).
  • As the file is hidden in the local Capella project, the bridgestraces is not considered as part of the model, hence, not imported to the server.
  • To import a reqif to a server project: there is the need to copy/paste the .bridgeTraces inside it from the precedent import and then store the file on the server.

I hope that helps.

Hélder Castro