Requirement Internal relation selection wizard does not find all Capella Requirements


I am new to this forum and really excited to join this community. I have used this forum already extensively and would like to thank all the contributors.

I have one issue for which I have not found any documentation.

I am using Capella 6.1 and the Capella Requirement viewpoint extensively.
For ease of model maintenance purpose, I plan to create one Capella module under each element (component / behavior / function / capability,…) to host the associated requirements.
And of course, I want to be able to connect requirements to each other using Internal Relations/Links.

Unfortunately, the Selection wizard of the Internal Requirement Allocation seems to propose only the requirements belonging to a module directly attached to the root architecture, but not the requirements under modules that are childs of other elements.
In the example below where I try to add one Internal link below Req4, the Selection wizard finds and proposes Req1 and Req2 but not Req3 that I was expecting as well.

This is even more strange as it works much better in the context of a Source / Target selection inside the Internal Link, where this time all the expected requirements are proposed, both the ones at the root architecture and the ones in modules below other elements.

Any clue how to fix this? I would like to avoid going through the Source / Target selection which is a bit painful.

Thanks a lot for your help!


As mentioned in the Capella documentation (Requirements Guide → Limitations → Allocation links reach), it is not possible to create a link between requirements that are not at the same architectural level:

Allocation links or Internal Relation links can only be created from elements in an architectural level to elements in the same architectural level or in a higher architectural level in the same model.

In a Project/Library, the Requirement model can not reference elements from a referenced Library (e.g model elements, Data Types, Attribute Definitions…). Anyway, it is possible to create Allocation links or Internal Relation links inside a library seen from a model/library in Read/Write mode.

Therefore, you are welcome to contribute to adding this functionality to Capella or to reconsider your requirements management strategy in your model, such as by placing them all at the same architectural level.

Best regards,

Hello Romain,
Thanks for your prompt reply.
To my understanding, my requirements are in the same architecture level (Physical architecture).
By the way, the answer above is slightly different from the one I received as email notification. Is it on purpose?
In the notified answer, you refered to an Issue documented that seems to correspond to what I am facing: “Elements within modules placed under elements other than perspectives have no visibility”.
As you recommend, I will reconsider my requirement management strategy.
Thanks again.
Best regards,

Hello Deumet,

When I referred to different architecture levels, I meant that the configuration and Req Module exist in parallel within your folder structure, despite both being housed within the “Architecture” root folder.

By the way, my initial message contained a link that referred to that visibility issue on Git :

Best regards,

Great, thanks for the clarification.
I reworked my requirement structure and it works well.
Thanks a lot for your support