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I’m trying to import ReqIF files with custom attribute names, different from the default reqIF attributes (’‘ReqIF.attributeName’’) and default DOORS RMF attibutes (’‘IE attributeName’’).
When I import my files, the attributes don’t appear on Capella because they are not listed amongst the preference options for the importer (see picture for reference).
I wanted to know how I can define a file containing my custom attribute definitions so that they will be recognized by Capella when I import a new file.

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[resolved]: create a txt file listing the desired custom attributes then save it with the extension “.properties”. Add the file to Capella through the importer preferences window

I am having a similar issue to the one you raised in this thread. I have created a .properties file which added the custom attribute to the import list but I dont know how to form the attribute name. I used “Requirement\ customname:true” as per the help example but should the “Requirement” part be replaced by an element name in the reqIF file ?

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the "Requirement " part does not refer to anything in particular , it’s part of the name . For example if your attribute name is “Requirement type” you would write “Requirement\ type:true” on the properties file.
Also , once you add custom attributes you can check their content on the “semantic browser” when you select a requirement object after the import.

Hi Marieme

Many thanks for your help. That worked!


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I have followed the instructions above and the Capella instructions and I still can’t load the user attributes against each requirement.
I have created a file .properties with the content attached
ReqIF import user attributes.properties (51 Bytes)

And I can see them in the Capella Preferences
Capella user requirements configuration

However, no attributes are shown against each requirement.

On the importing the ReqIF file in the Diff/Merge window and under the Candidate Model, I am not able to see any user attributes against the each requirement should I be able to see them, or it will only add them later in the model?

Any thoughts?