Requirement Allocation Parameters not available

Hey, I was using the requirement add-on with my Capella 5.1.0. After setting up the add-on according to the info given on the Github page, I came across this problem. The examples I saw in the documentation showed me that I can create relation types and allocate them. I am lost on how to create such relation type categories.

Also, I couldn’t create Capella types folders, add data value attributes, enumeration etc. in my requirement add on. The only functionality I can use is creating requirement modules and folders in them.

Could someone give more visibility on what I am missing? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

capella prob1


If you want to create your own relation types, you must do so in the Capella types folder first.

To achieve this, you must first make sure that all the req element are visible in your project. At the top of the project explorer view, select “filters and customizations”.

project view

And then make sure these 3 items are un-checked:

Tech - custo

Then right click on “System Analysis” folder (for example, depending on which Arcadia perspective you are using) and you’ll find it), and select “Add Capella Element” ->“Capella Types Folder” and name it “Types Folder” for instance.

From there you should be able to move forward, but please ask if you need more help!


Hello Stéphane,

Thank you for the input. It works fine now.


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