Representing buses in Capella

What conventions are you using for representing buses like Ethernet, CAN, etc. in the Physical Architecture?
For now, I am using a dirty approach where all Physical Links connected by Physical Ports in the same container are considered as belong to the same implicit bus. The type of the bus is given by a Physical Link category. But it would be better to have dedicated concepts for representing this kind of things.

Currently, there is no specific representation for buses in PA. However, you could consider having more complex representations by using a dedicated viewpoint (with specific component attributes, representations, gauges, computing formulas and emphasising compliance with constraint on diagrams…)

ok. Thanks Christophe for your help!

Hi Pierre,
It is true there is not dedicated “bus” element in the Physical Architecture of Capella. However, there are workaround. You can have a look to the IFE model. The bus is represented by a Physical Node, and we use Physical Paths.