Representation of databases at Operational level

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I’m using MBSE to perform a functional analysis of a research program. I want to describe the environment of my SoI at operational level. I’ve listed a few data bases that my system will potentially need to exchange with. How should I represent it in my model? Can a data base be represented as an operational entity?

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If you want to represent databases that are interacting with your system, you may rather be in the Systems Needs Analysis (SA) perspective. In this case, the database may be an Actor. But I would rather represent the “owner” of this database as an Actor and a function allocated to it related to the storage of the information in the database.

In the Operational Analysis you may be rather be interested on how the owner of the database (an operational entity) may interact with other entities regardless of your system.

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Thank you Juan. It helps a lot.

Other question, at operational level, I understood that it is not recommended to modelize the SoI as we need to focus on its environments and stakeholders needs. Do you confirm ?

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I am not @JNavas but I can certainly confirm :slight_smile:

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Hi Vincent,
I’m not Juan too, but I’m in his team :wink: .
Yes, I confirm! In OA, the goal is to focus on user and stakeholder needs. When you question an user, you try to capture the tasks (pains and gains) realized by the user, and generally it does not know (and has not to knwow) if for these tasks, it uses or not your sytem (may be your system supports just a short part of this task or not at all). The major risk to identify your system in your OA is to focus on your system, and it is the goal of the SA not on the OA. In one word, you do the SA in OA :-)!

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