Renaming of Sequence Message in ES Diagram

Hi all,

When I rename a sequence message in an ES diagram the “Invoked Exchange” (which was the basis for creating the corresponding sequence message) will be renamed in the same way. IMO, this “consistent” renaming of the sequence message and functional exchange appears unexpectedly.

Is it possible to have a different name for the sequence message?


Hi Nahod,

Question: why do you want to do that? As you explain in your message, it allows to keep you model “consistent” and it seems a good think. No?

One reason for me to try to change the name of a message in sequence diagram was readability. Assume you have a scenario where the same message is sent 5 times from an actor A to an actor B and in a presentation or in a textual description of the scenario you want to highlight or refer to e.g. the third exchange of this message. It seems to be much easier for the audience to find the right instance of message if a certain postfix is appended to the label of the message (e.g. (3)). I thought it could be possible as the “sequence message” object is different from the “functional exchange” object (that is why there is a reference between them: “Invoked Exchange”) but as your answer indicates that does not seem to be the intended way to do such things.

Thanks for your answer anyway.

OK, I understand better. There’s a solution keeping the model consistent :slight_smile: :
you can use Exchange context
My diagram is this one:

1)Double click on the sequence message):

2) Fill the exchange context clickink on on the pen icon and fill up

3) Come back to your diagram in clicking 2 times on Finish button and change the diagram filter

And you get this according to the applied filter (it can be necessary to refresh the diagram)

Exchange contexts are in reallity a kind of constraints and you can reuse them in different sequence messages.
Hoping it matches with your need.