Removing components and associated parts with Python4Capella

Hi everyone, I just joined this forum but have been a Capella enthusiast since 2015 and regular user since 2021. Thanks a lot for the animation of this forum which helps me very often in my work :slight_smile:

I have been fiddling around with Python4Capella model import capabilities (create elements, update elements) but did not manage to remove elements :confused:

I would like to remove a Physical Node and its associated Part for which the summary matches a reference.

So I use the remove command in a similar way than for adding, editing an element :

            se = self.model.get_system_engineering()
            pa = se.get_physical_architecture()
            ps = pa.get_physical_system()

                for pn in ps.get_owned_physical_components():
                    if pn.get_summary() == reference_summary:
                # if something went wrong we rollback the transaction
                # if everything is ok we commit the transaction

and get this error message :

# Issues with marshalling Java class objects

Does anyone sees where I did wrong or has the correct procedure to do so ?

Thanks a lot !

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/!\ Read till the end /!\

You are passing a Python Object to the Java method remove(). You should pass the corresponding Java Object:


More details on Python/Jave interaction in the tips and tricks.

But attaching/detaching CapellaElement to/from the model needs to execute specific Capella code to maintain the semantic integrity of the Capella model.

For attaching an element one can use:

# to remove the org error see
# set features like name etc... after this call

For detaching an element you can use the following method:


This method should trigger the Capella code and delete the corresponding Part.


Welcome on the forum!

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Hi Yvan thanks a lot for the reply, I implemented it but got another error message on the following line

py4j.protocol.Py4JError: An error occurred while calling o2400.get_java_object. Trace:
py4j.Py4JException: Method get_java_object([]) does not exist

the most surprising being that when I show it,


I can see it exists :

My bad I just looked at the JavaList.remove() implementation and it already calls the get_java_object().

Did you manage to make your code works with the EObject.delete_e_object(pn) call ?

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Unfortunately no, here is the error message :

    # TODO: Actually find out what this might throw
AttributeError: type object 'EObject' has no attribute 'delete_e_object'

This method has been introduced in version 1.2.0 of Python4Capella. Maybe you are using an older version ?

If you are using an older version, you might be able to use the following call as a workaround:

# to remove the org error see
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I am probably using a old version of Python4Capella indeed. I will try this workaround and come back to you. Thanks a lot. :+1:

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Hum… I think the call above will not trigger the Capella specific code. Let me know if the Part is removed with this call.

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unfortunately it didn’t work either. It must be an old version of Python4Capella. Thanks a lot. Hopefully I do not need to remove components anymore :sweat_smile:

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