Remove Sirius Properties View

Currently (as can be seen below in the image), I get two properties tabs for my model elements, I guess the first one comes from Sirius and the other one is what is defined in my ui.vptext. How can I remove Sirius’s one and only keep the one that I defined in the ui.vptext?

any idea on how to merge these two tabs together?

Hello Parsa,
You should not have two different tabs for the same element. When I created a viewpoint with vpdsl it worked fine.
Could you provide us some information regarding how you defined this HMI in the .ui.vptext file?
Then the .ui.vptext file is used to generate the plugin [your viewpoint name].ui.
I see several possibilities regarding your issue:
1/ maybe somehow you ended-up with several plugins ending with .ui while you should have only one. In this case, delete the additional ones
2/ maybe the plugin was somehow generated with errors. You could try to delete the .ui plugin and regenerate the viewpoint

Hello Parsa. This is a bug of generation. I created a bug
ticket 2111

Thanks Benoit

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