Release of XHTML DocGen 1.2.2 for Capella 1.2.1

XHTML DocGen 1.2.2 for Capella 1.2.1 is available.

ticket 2240

ticket 2121
Notice this release is compatible with Capella 1.2.x, x >= 1.

I was unable to install the add-on using the update site. I just downloaded and unzipped Capella 1.2.1 and then tried to install the update site but I am getting an error and can’t finish the installation, due to some problems with dependencies to EGF from what I understand.
I managed to have it installed using the dropins but still, I am getting errors in the error log, again linked to EGF dependencies?
Please find attached the errors I get.
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Add this update site ses/ to your
Available Software Sites, then the missing dependency will be resolved automatically.
Don’t forget to keep
Contact all update sites during install to find required software checked!

ok thanks it worked.

Where can I find a list of update sites for Version 1.3.1?

Hello. You can explore here: tes/releases/?d

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