Reference diagram

In a project I am descripting a long story into a lot of sequence diagram as FS.
In order to keep each FS simple and understandable, I use a lot of REF to link them together and describe the whole story.
Here an exemple with radio :
The original radio SES was this way :
If I want to cut this story into 3 different ones, I can model it this way :
Choose an Alarm
Schedule an Alarm
Trigger an Alarm
Finally, I explain the whole story with a larger diagram (here MCB and include links, but it is not a proper use of a MCB I guess)
Does Capella is able to collect all my “Ref” usage and create from them the diagram I draw with MCB components ?

No sorry, Capella is not able to do that.
The rule should at least be that if a scenario S1 on a Capability C1 has a reference towards scenario S2 in Capability C2, then we should have an inclusion relationship between C1 and C2. I am not sure this rule exists though, it would be a small evolution…