REC/RPL update in physical architecture


I create a library and a physical component in this library in REC. Then I create a Capella project, I reference the library by putting it read/write. I replicate the REC. I put new components in the RPL and I make an update REC from RPL. I come back to the library to update the REC, but it doesn’t work.
someone knows how to solve this problem please ?


Today it is not possible to update a REC from the project referencing the library containing the REC.
If you want to modify your REC, you must not modify the RPL in your Capella project first: do the updates in the library owning the REC and update your REC from selected elements. After in your Capella project you can update your RPL from his REC.
I believe that you can use update REC from RPL command only if the REC and RPL are in the same Capella project or library. And it does not work so well because you have to select the new elements first. Indeed it is much less interesting than what you want.

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