REC/RPL anomaly for v1.3.1?

Is there a know anomaly for creating a REC from a project model directly to a Capella Library project with Capella v1.3.1?
Here’s the issue I see currently. If I create a REC of an element in my project model directly to the Library project in my Workspace the REC relationship is created and the element is brought to the Library, but the RPL link added into my project’s REC folder is incomplete. When I run Validate Model on my REC folder is warns me the created RPL link is without a REC. This is also obvious when I check this created RPL in the Sematic browser where I see no REC folder reference for the Library under “Referencing Elements” section. Due to this situation it is not possible to perform bi-directional updates of the element between my model project and the library. Note: I set up the Library management as Read/Write to allow for bi-directional updates.
As further investigation, I next created an RPL of the same element from the Library back to my model. In this instance the linking relationship is complete, since I see in my project REC folder the RPL with the Library’s REC folder shown in brackets (eg [“REC1xxx”]. I am able to make changes to the element from both sides (project and library) and push the changes across with no problems.
I tried to search the old forum archive for this issue, but it seems the search feature is not enabled, so I decided to post it here on the new forum.

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