Realizations of associations between classes


I cannot find means to describe realizations of class associations.

For example, if Class A is an aggregation of Class B in System Analysis, in the Logical Architecture, I’d like to model in the Logical Architecture, my logical implementation choice: e.g. a new class.

How can I model this?

If it is not possible Out Of The Box, is it easy to expand the Association element to have realized elements (e.g. Classes; Functions)?

By the way, on a closely related subject, it would be great if Arcadia/Capella supported UML Class associations.

Thank you

Any input to this topic? Tx

Not sure that answers your question, but if you go to the property of your Class at the logical level, you can specify the “Realized Classes” and select a Class from the system analysis level.

This is Ok for a class but my question was for associations as the topic’s title is showing.

So no trivial idea on my side. Maybe using a Note?

Is there a way to create enhancement requests for Arcadia and/or Capella?

Thank you.