Quickfix to Open Settings

I have created a custom validation rule that checks if certain Functional Exchanges contain Exchange Items. I was hoping to also add a quickfix to this rule, where the user can automatically be taken to the settings of a given Functional Exchange, with the Exchange Item preference window open.
I have seen that other built in quickfixes can do this, but have not been able to find the function that does so for my own development. Has anyone had success with this?
Thank you in advance,

If you post a screenshot of what the result should look like, it would be helpful.

Essentially my question is how do I programmatically open up a preference menu?
I have attached a screenshot of a built-in validation rule error and the corresponding quick fix (picture 1) with the opened preference menu shown in picture 2. I would like to do the same, except with different preference menus.
Thank you,