Python4Capella and Capella 5.2

Does Python4Capella and Capella 5.2 work together? If it’s supposed to work, how can I open the light metamodel? When I try to open the “Capella Light Metamodel.aird” I get many errors saying to go review how to migrate projects. However, the migration option is not available.


Hi Matt,

Yes, Python for Capella works for Capella 5.2.0.

The “Capella Light Metamodel.aird” can be opened with Capella 5.0.0 (see the sentence
“This simplified metamodel is defined in a Capella model (using Capella 5.0.0).” at GitHub - labs4capella/python4capella: Python for Capella
If you want to open this Capella project in Capella 5.2.0, you will have to lunch the migrate action before opening the .aird file.
This model us used to generate the simplified API as well as the corresponding documentation.

Stephane Lacrampe
Obeo Canada