PVMT The diagram styler is not supported on every diagrams ?

I’m using Capella 1.2.1.
I use PVMT in Capella, so I created a PV Configuration. In a SAB, the diagram styler works well but for example, in a MSM I can’t activate the diagram styler. Is it normal ? Is the diagram styler specific to certain diagrams ?

Hi Jordan,
Managed diagrams in DiagramStyler 44.2.0 are: OAIB, SDFB, LFDB, PDFB, OAB, SAB, LAB, PAB, OADB, OEBD, SFBD, LFBD, LCBD, PFBD, PVBD, FS, ES, IS, CDB, IDB, FCD.
So I confirm that MSM diagram is not managed.
Surprisingly, not issue has not already been created. Now, you can see
https://gitlab.thalesdigital.io/capella-addons/DiagramStyler /issues/14
Best regards,