PVMT property value and mass editing view

Is there any way to display property values created with PVMT for an object in the mass editing view ?
Right now I see property value group but not the values specified for the object.

Mass editing.PNG
Project Explorer.PNG
Mass editing.PNG
Project Explorer.PNG


I am facing the same issue. However, I’m 100% sure that it was doable at a time, as I already used this feature for csv exports and got personal notes and screenshots about this activity.
I think that at this time I was using Capella 1.2, now I’m working on 1.3 and it does not work. Same for the 1.4 version.

Does this feature have been removed or do we miss something ? I don’t believe that it has been removed as it was one of the most useful usage of Mass Editing/Visualization in my opinion.



I believe the PVMT team has that in mind, but maybe you can raise a feature request here : https://gitlab.thalesdigital.io/capella-addons/PVMT/issues

Actually it doesn’t seem to work either by creating the property values without PVMT. So is it just a PVMT problem or a more general problem ? Maybe adding PV to Mass Editing/Visualization is only a PVMT feature but I’m not sure about that.

Yes it would probably be a PVMT extension. Looking at this, I am in doubt it ever worked, unless you had access to some custoim development version I guess. https://gitlab.thalesdigital.io/capella-addons/PVMT/-/issues/83