PVMT plugin - extensions

In the new PVMT plugin, is it possible to create more than one ruleset in the scope of an extension? When more than 1 rule is added as a child of the scope, they all need to be true for the extension to appear. I would like to create another set of rules in addition to the ones I already have which will also make the same extension appear.

I’m afraid that the current version does support several Rules, but that the condition is calculated using an “AND” operator exclusively.
Without knowing your use case: you could try decomposing your extension in several extensions, each one with less properties than the original one, and each one wit its specific Rule.

Hi Juan,
Thanks for the reply.
Yes I am trying to do that at the moment but always end up reaching a stage where I have an extension with 2 property rules that cannot be true at the same time so I can’t get it to show up. Will there be a future version that does support several rules?