PVMT - Hide/Show Elements Based on Properties


I was wondering if there exists a way to quickly hide/show Capella model elements based on their applied properties (added using the PVMT add-on).

As an example, if I had an enumeration property for component exchanges with the enumeration literals: Pressure, Temperature, and Flow, would there be a way to quickly hide/show the exchanges on a diagram based on this property (i.e. show only the pressure exchanges)?

Thanks in advance for the help.


Hi Zach,
I believe this is not something supported “from scratch” right now.
Probably with some more advanced programming using Java/Eclipse/EMF/Sirius API knowledge, this is not something difficult to achieve, but without this, there is probably no easy way to do this.
This may be something you can do with https://github.com/labs4capella/python4capella when it is ready…

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