[PVMT + DS] Capella 6.0.0 release compatibility


I’ve been trying to migrate an almost-blank project to Capella 6.0 for test, and I have observed several problems with DS/PVMT.
After installing the latest available revisions of PVMT/DS (50.5.1 and 52.3.1) packages, I’m noticing several problems, e.g.

  1. I cannot add EClass rule - Capella freezes for a moment, and an error shows
  2. I cannot assign DS enum property to an object, error shows immediately
    the errors are:

Cannot invoke "org.polarsys.capella.core.data.capellacore.PropertyValuePkg.getOwnedPropertyValueGroups()" because "viewpointPkg" is null
Could not initialize class com.thalesgroup.mde.capella.diagramstyler.model.diagramstyler.diagramstylerPackage

Is that expected behaviour until new versions of PVMT + DS for 6.0 are released?
If I want to use those extensions, should I just stay for now with the older Capella release?
Thank you!

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