PVMT Diagram Styler not working

Hi all,
I am using PVMT, which is working, and have both PVMT and Diagram Styler installed. However, when I try to activate the Diagram Styler layer in the diagram, there is no option for Diagram Styler (or anything else) present. Has anyone seen this issue before? I am using Capella 6.0, and have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Diagram Styler add-on.

Have you referenced the viewPoint to your project?

Sorry, I’m not quite sure to what you are referring by viewPoint. Is that a different add on?

No, what I mean is that, once you have installed the PVMT add-on and diagram styler, you should reference it on each project where you want to use it so that DiagramStyler is activated. This should be explained in the embedded documentation, I believe.

I got it, thank you.