PVMT Box Format - Change Colour

Hello all,
I would like to know if there would be anyway for changing the colour of the PVMT box when selecting a specific Property Type. I know that the model elements can change colour when assigned to specific property type of a domain, but I do not how to do it for the PVMT box itselt.
I would like to know this beacasue we are trying to capture Definition and constraints using PVMT, but we would like to differenciate them in a simple view using different colours.
Find attached the property types we have created
If you could gives some suggestion on this I would appreciate it.
Thank you very much

Hi Ruben,
I confirm that I can reproduce your problem using PVMT 44.4.2 and DiagramStyler 44.2.0.
I’ve just opened a new DiagramStyle issue :
https://gitlab.thalesdigital.io/capella-addons/DiagramStyler /issues/13
I have no workaround.

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