PVMT and Git

hello everyone,
I faced an issue while using PVMT Groups on a project shared with GIT.
Indeed, only the one who defined the PVMT group in the project can change the PV value. For the others, the value are not editables either in the PV view nor in the element editor (see pictures).
Has anyone ever faced such an issue ? And how did you managed the problem ?

Can you provide more information on your use case

  • Capella or Team for Capella version
  • PVMT version
  • Project mode (in file mode or in Team mode)
  • if possible, can you provide a simple project and steps to reproduce.
    Then can you explain your git work case :
  • Do you manage capella files (aird, melodymodeler) under git?
  • If you remove the git management, is PVMT correctly working as expected.
    When analyzing your use case, we have found a limitation on PVMT when used with Team for Capella. If an external user change the PV definition model, the model modification notification is not taken into account to refresh current model et opened views. It can lead to NPE.
    You can see issue
    https://gitlab.thalesdigital.io/capella-addons/PVMT/issues/7 6 for more information.
    I have also 2 remarks on your screenshots:
  • PVMT+editor: It’s highly recommanded to use the Property values view to modify the PV values instead of using this view.
  • PVMT+view: sirius and property values views seem to be not synchronized. PC1 is selected is sirius whereas PC2 is selected in PVMT view. This is strange.