Property Values Management Tool - Apply automatically

I have used PVMT to create some properties and associate them to component exchanges I have used it to classify component exchanges and color code them by type.

The “problem” I’m having is that, for each time I create new exchanges I have to reapply the properties by clicking the blue puzzle piece button labelled “Global apply properties” on the “Property Values” view.

Without that step the new Component Exchanges will not present the custom property values.

Is it possible to have properties applied automatically for new elements created? (without the need of reapplying it every time I create a new model element…)

I understand the tool is about managing property values but it would be nice to have this feature (if it is not yet somehow available).

Hi Fabio,
I am going to double-check ut this should be working already. What version of Capella/PVMT are you using?

I tried it and I better understand what you mean now.

So the behavior you are seeing is the expected one. the PVMT add-on enables you to manage property-values dynamically, meaning that you can allocate the property and the values to only the chosen objects.
And as you do, you can also decide to automatically apply it to all existing elements.
One could imagine an option where newly created elements get the property values automatically applied. My question would be “why do you want to apply them on all modeling elements by default?”.

But independently from your response, please feel free to raise a change request and discuss with the team that developp the PVMT add-on:

All the best,

Stephane, thanks for your response,

I’ll open the change request and see if the maintainers see any sense in it.

I may be using PVMT for a different purpose than what it was created for. That would be extending Capella metamodel (or the basic properties of every component exchange).

I think it would be very nice to be able to mimic the metamodel extension this way - with custom additional properties - because it is waaaaay easier than developing viewpoints. I understand that if I want these extensions to be more permanent or reused on more projects, probably creating a viewpoint would be better.

I agree with your… viewpoint!

Ba-dum-tss! Lol