Property Values in Mass Editing View

Sending a property value to the mass editing view means that lots of the fields can be viewed… however; the actual value of the property value is not shown in the mass editing view.

The name and the value are the two most useful fields for the PV.
This would be very useful to quickly get a list of values in excel or similar.

We have tried this across 1.4.2 and also 6.1 and the behaviour is consistent. This is the case both with basic and “expert” views.

Am I missing something; or should I raise a feature request?

PVMT Version 45.5.0

Thanks, Josh

Hi @JoshWedgwood,

Are you sending property values only?
I have created a new Property Value and sent to a Mass Editing View, as below:

However, if you do have Property Values under a Property Values Group and send both to a Mass Editing View, I believe it will only show common attributes to both model elements. Value (only applies to Property Values) is not of them, hence, not shown in the View.

I hope that helps,
Hélder Castro

Hi Helder,

Your response prompted me to play around a bit more;

I was sending a mix of string and float property values to the mass editing view. If you only send a common type it works.

Thanks for your response!


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