Property value transition

Hi there
I would like an explanation about how property values are transitioned:
I used to have property value group in a separate folder out of layer folder, when transitioning scenarios, each of PVG applied to any item involved in scenario was duplicated. the transitioned items have no extension. (No item is transitioned with its extensions).
Now I removed all this, and I use property values owned by actors, components and missions (and properties owned by actors/components)
When I transition a scenario, none of the content of the scenario arrives with its extensions, but each PV applying to any transition source get duplicated to the actor owning the PV.
PV may belong to any kind of item, but extension are never transmitted by transition to new layer, neither scenario transformation. It can belong to any of involved item, it get duplicated when already in.
Is there anything to control this?

Hello Thierry,
There are two preferences to control the transition of property values.

  • Include applied PV
  • Include owned PV

You can find it in Capella>Transitions/Generations

Edit: There is actually a third one which controls the PV application Propagation

If you’re using PVMT, these 3 preferences should be disabled.


Thanks for the information, I will go there to change the choices