Programatically create LogicalComponent usable in Diagram

Hello, I am trying from a csv to generate multiple LogicalComponent as tree (parent/children).
Right now it is working I do have my tree of LogicalComponent.
I am using this code (inside a transaction) :
But the created component is not usable in a diagram, let’s say a [LAB] diagram for instance.
I tried to add the lc to the subComponents of the parent but it is not authorised (changeable: false).
What is the strategy to create the GraphicalComponent associated to this LogicalComponent to mimic what I have when I create a LogicalComponent manually in Capella Studio?
Thanks in advance for your answer,

For those wondering the same question.
I did a bit of searching watching what was created and how it was linked for a LogicalComponent created by clicking direclty in Capella.
I realized I also need to create a Part object.
An it is working now I can add my LogicalComponent to Diagram!