Problem with the Properties tab

Hi all,

this morning I’ve tried to edit the mass viewpoint to set mass constaints in my Capella physical model. Unfortunaltely, I am seeing now that I cannot access to any property of any element in my models (the Properties tab is always displaying “Properties are not available”). I am attaching a screenshot of this weird problem.

Did anybody already had this problem? Because I am completely stucked in my project without this crucial tab. If my question or my screenshots are not precise enough please tell me so I can give more details



I cannot reproduce this problem with either capella 1.4.2 or capella 5.0.0. Could you tell us more for us to reproduce ?
What are your:

  • Capella version,
  • Basic-Mass Viewpoint version,
  • Other installed/removed viewpoints,
  • Context of use: project migration ?, install modifications, project modification, other manipulations since last fully functional state ?
  • Anything you think might be relevant ?


Hi Arnaud,

thanks for your answer. The problem was coming from the versions of the Performance viewpoint and my current Capella version.

Thank you!

You are most welcome. Just for the record could you tell us what where those versions ?


I have Capella version 1.4.1 and downloaded the 1.4.0 viewpoints (the 5.0.0 viewpoint version is what caused this weird problem).


Please @capella-devs add version constraints to your addons, so we catch these problems at installation time, and not some weird runtime bug like this one.

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