Problem with Reset Origin

Is it something you’re able to reproduce on other diagrams? Sorry, but I have no idea what the problem can be.
You should create a bug report in the Capella bugzilla

No - it is only in this LFBD…
Mybe it has something to do with units (cm, inch, pixel), pagesize (Preferences, Sirius, Sirius Diagram, Printing) and how Capella calculates ResetOrigin?

Indeed, it’s weird, I cannot reproduce the issue:
I created 80+ logical functions and whenever I select Reset Origin, it works and centers the diagram.
Could you please provide us with the steps you follow that led to this behaviour?

It seems that there is a big space between the visible group of functions (green and blue ones) and other not visible functions (in the bottom of the diagram). Do you still have this problem if you reduce/remove this space between them ?

OK thess “notation:Node” types correspond to label of edge (center label for “6001” and end label for “6003”). So it seems that you have edge labels to these locations. These explains the result of the “Reset to origin” action. Do you see these edge labels? If you launch “Select all” actions, have you something selected at the top of your diagram?

No, I can not see anything.
But at the moment the range has changed again: the y-range starts at 0 and ends at 54.600.000 (yes 54Mio.!) - it is hard to find my functions on the blank at all :frowning:
Is it possible to correct the strange numbers (-4xxx or 54600xxx) by hand to some feasible values? Will those elements become visible?
BTW: I had some coloured “notes” as background of my function-groups to group them - these notes have vanished sometime in the last days :frowning:


Is it possible to correct the strange numbers (-4xxx or 54600xxx) by hand to some feasible values?

Yes, you can modify these strange numbers by editing the aird in a text editor. It is not recommanded and does not really resolved the initial problem that caused these strange numbers. It’s better to make these changes when the session is not opened. You can replace these strange numbers by a multiple of 100 that you could easily check visually after.

Will those elements become visible?

I don’t think so. These labels are probably empty labels.