Problem with PMVT

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I have a problem with the PMVT add-on. I have correctly installed the PVMT and the DS but no way to make it work. I cannot display it in the Viewpoint manager to activate it. I have this problem with Capella 5.0 and also with capella1.4.2 (I use also Dess addon on this version). thank you in advance for your help

Hi Sara,

PVMT and DiagramStyler do not use the ViewpointManager.

You have to directly use the Viewpoint Selection menu on the .aird file of your project to enable the Diagram Styler Viewpoint and then in each diagram, you will have the possibility to enable the Diagram Style layer.

To be able to display property values, you will have to define your domain, scope, properties, … from the Property Values view and/or for the Property Values editor.


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