Problem with Diff/Merge save

I get following when trying to sage the result of a Diff/Merge operation. 2 branches in Git are modified concurrently, both modifying the same capability name. Merging one branch into the other correctly shows the conflict. Calling DiffMerge tool on the model correctly shows the conflict. Conflict resolution is also OK, but saving brings the below error window. This is systematic.
Capella 1.2.0
DiffMerge 0.9.0
EGit 4.10.0
Is this a known issue?

I fail to reproduce this scenario, merge is OK on my side (with EGit 4.11, but I doubt EGit version has any impact here).
Did you systematically close the Sirius session (right-click the .aird file, Close) before doing Git operations?

Hi Olivier,
It is closed before launching the merge but I am not sure if it was closed with all Commits/ Push operations before. I repaired the models on both branches and tried again with the same results.
I will try with a new one and tell you.