Preventing multiple copies of similar exchanges in a category

I have a diagram that illustrates the one-to-many relationship between functions, i.e. a single source function that pass the same info (Signal A) to 3 target functions, but also another exhange with a 4th function that carries Signal B info as illustrated below


Note that for the one-to-many exchange the default names differ, but I have renamed each exchange to reflect the fact that this is the same (Signal A) information.

The rest of my question is in the reply post below, since I can only post a single picture per post…

If I now group all 4 these exchanges into a single category, I end up with 3x copies of Signal A in the category as illustrated below:

I believe that the reason for this is because Capella still sees these as 3 separate exchanges, and does not recognize that all 3x belongs to the same logical signal group (Signal A). How can I make Capella recognize only one logical group and only have a single entry in the category for Signal A?

Any other suggestions for doing this?


Hi Estian,

would it help to create a new function SystemFunction 9 which contains SystemFunction 8_{1|2|3} as nested functions along with a Duplicate function also nested in SystemFunction 9?

With that, you might be able to hide the internal complexity in SystemFunction 9 and delegate the split of Signal A to inside SystemFunction 9.

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