Preserving LAB layout on component refactoring

Hi all,
I have LAB diagram with many components and component exchanges with a fine layout.
You can find an example below:

I would like to add a LC6 component, parent of LC1-LC4, without impairing existing layout.

LC6 added to the diagram

LC1-LC4 moved inside LC6

Is there any way to avoid this behaviour and preserve existing layout?



You can clone your diagram before adding the LC6 component ; by this way, when you will add LC6 component you will be able to copy/paste the internal LCx components layout of your current diagram.
Hope this helped you.

Yes there is using the copy and paste layout functionality.

First I have my diagram which I want to copy the layout from - which does not have element “AA”

And I have the diagram which I want to paste the layout to - which does have element “AA”

I select the elements I want to copy (ctrl-A in this case) from the first diagram and hit the copy button.

I then go to the diagram I want to paste to and hit the “paste layout” buttom.

This results in the below layout.


After which, I simply resize element “AA” as required.


EDIT… while I was posting @SMonier also posted. The cloning of the diagram as suggested makes this process even easier than starting from a new blank diagram.