Power design with Capella

Hello,I am trying to combine the system design of complex power supply with MBSE. Do you have any good suggestions or recommended learning examples for power supply design by using Capella? ! I hope you can give me some suggestions, sincerely thank you!

What do you mean by power supply?

I’m sorry, but I made a mistake. Power here refers to something that provides electric energy for a complex device. I want to combine MBSE with design power supply, that is, an electronic and electrical system. This is a new idea compared with conventional electric source design, and also the first step of positive design. There are few materials available, so I would like to ask you for advice. Can you give me some suggestions or learning materials? Thank you for your reply!

Hum, not sure we have anything so specific to your domain.

I am currently architecting a system in MBSE that combines a control system (which itself has power requirements) with ~400V electrical supply.

My advice would be not to try and design the detailed electrical design (circuit diagrams etc) in MBSE. It is essentially detailed design that can be done in much better tools. Your MBSE model will give the overall need and traceability for the different elements of the product architecture and how the various parts of the system interact. I guess your system has many different physical domains (electrical, heat, human interface etc). Use the MBSE model to navigate these interactions.


Thank you very much for your reply, which inspired me a lot. My system has power, human-computer interaction, control, heat, etc. Do you have any recommended study materials? I don’t know where to start

I will post you a link where I started with learning :).
Hope it helps: https://esd.sutd.edu.sg/40014-capella-tutorial/index.html

Ok, thank you very much . making progress together

I would also recommend the Innovating with Capella Youtube Channel for an excellent sequence of videos by @tony.komar


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Looks like a great channel, I did not know about it.
Do you have any other bookmarks related to Capella and/or mbse to share?