Port delegation and functional allocation

As mentionned in other posts, I use port delegation with my Logical components as follows:
(1) Definition of my logical components
(2) Definition of their flows
(3) Adding delegation connectors for some of them
(4) Allocation of the functions to these logical components.
(5) Allocation of the functional exchanges to the logical flows
But at the end the graphical presentation is limited to the flow and not the sub-flow (delegation) -> see attached image.
How could I fix it and what is the right process to allocate functional exchanges through delegation?
For now I have one manual solution (long time needed) to re-allocate one by one each functional end port to the right logical end port (delegation port).
Thanks in advance for your help.
Romain D.

This is a bad behavior of Capella.
There are two option: either you configure Capella in a way that it does does create these allocation links when allocating a functional exchange to a component exchange, either you fix it manually.
Sorry, I don’t see any better way. This should be fixed in the tool… (dont hesitate to use bugzilla to request this bug fix)

Thank you for your reply.
Then I will add this request.

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