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Hello Everyone.
I don’t know if english is the language to prefer but in doubt I will go for it!
I cannot find the plugin url for the last version of the plugin of kitalpha for capella V1.4.0.
I would like to create a viewpoint to be able to extend the default capella/arcadia model with custom values/properties/views to allow a connexion/synchronisation to an external system.
I also tried using directly kitalpha but all the tutorials I can see allow to choose « Capella » not « EMF » at kitalpha creation of a new project but I just have « EMF » in kitalpha default installation.
Any information would be great.
Thanks in advance for you time.

OK I found the answer to my question.
It was not clear at start but I realised that you have to differenciate three different products :

Kit Alpha : Kitalpha is an environment to develop and execute MBSE

Capella : Capella is a KitAlpha like build on it but using the Arcadia methodology

Capella STUDIO : This is the environement to develop tools to extend and enrich Capella
When you go to
At the top you can download
Capella (for engineer).
At the bottom is the link to download
Capella STUDIO (for IT and developpers)
Hope this helps!

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