Plugin Basic Mass & Price link on diagram

My name is David and i’m a new comer in the MBSE / Capella community. I’m a software architecte / developer and have a professional opportunity to evolve to system architecture. I have a 5 days formation planned in septembre but during this time and in order to understand this thing by myself (summer challenge…)… first mission… (achieve today :champagne:) : installation of the tool and the differents plugin that I want to use. Without training it is already a challenge in itself… :smile:
Basically I got the logic. There is just one (just one?) thing who annoys me; in the Mass & Price plugin the “doted line” isn’t showing on the diagram (whereas “time” (Basic Performance plugin)) it’s working).

Screenshot in attachement :
=> PhysicalFunction2 => (Time) 30 ===> Show the dot line
=> PC1 => (Mass)10 - Max: 50 ===> Doesn’t show the dot line

I may have missed the information on the internet, on the forum, in the documentation or elsewhere, but I still have the impression that it is not possible. I am right?

Thanks you in advance

Technical details :
Capella Version: 5.2.0 Build id: 202111301257 on Windows 10 x64
Plugin: Basic Mass 5.0.0 & Basic Price 5.0.0 (dropin installation)

Hello and welcome !

Indeed there is something you missed in the online documentation but I cannot hold it on you, this part of the online documentation is not present in the embedded documentation (thanks for pointing it).

So the answer to your question is:

Basic Viewpoints behavior is not guaranteed to be correct if multiple viewpoints are activated at the same time on a diagram. Basic viewpoints modifying extended elements (e.g. modifying Parts color depending on the attached Mass/Price status) there might be concurrent modifications leading to incorrect application of styles extensions. We thus recommend to activate only one viewpoint at a time on a diagram.


Hello Arnaud,

And it’s working ! With one view point ; no problem.

Thanks a lot & have a nice day.

Hello Arnaud,

Don’t forget that these are just examples of addons: the goal is to show what is possible to do as addons with Capella Studio:: the goal is to show what is possible to do as addons with Capella Studio:
For example, it is not possible to define a price or a mass for physical links (“cables”) and in some cases the cables can be expensive and heavy :-).