Physical port documentation with XHTML docgen addon

Hi all,
I would need to add physical port documentation, but while selecting items, with the wizards, physical ports are greyed.

Is it possible to override such behaviour?


The greyed elements are elements for which no dedicated html page will be generated. This does not means that there will be no content generated for the ports in the documentation.
You should see some information (not a lot I agree) regarding the ports in the page for the component and where information about the physical links are generated.

If you want to have additional information (more details on each port and modify the content of the generated documentation) then you will need to extend the XHTML documentation addon


Hi Arnaud,
thank you for your answer, but I am adding information in the Physical Port description (frequency, connector type…) and it would be helpful to include it in the html documentation.

Kind regards
Pier Giorgio