Physical link allocation between physical actors and physical components

Hi everyone,

When I try to allocate Component Exchange to Physical Link between 2 physical components it worked and a list of all the component exchanges appears and I can select from the list, but when I try to do the same thing between a physical actor and a physical component (Node components) the list of component exchange allocations is empty.

Works for me in Capella 5.1:

I’m using Capella 5.0 and I’ve created a new project, still i get the same problem.

I guess this is a bug in 5.0, if it is the case my suggestion is to migrate to 5.1

Well, I’ve checked on Capella 5.1 on my laptop and it worked, and I’ve checked on Capella 5.0 on another laptop and I’ve got the same problem, so yes I can guarantee that it’s a bug on Capella 5.0. Thank you.