Physical components issues

I went through the migration of our entire projet into version 1.4.0.
I am wondering why my Behavioral component (blue ones which realize the logical component from LA) became Physical Component (NODE) as my real physical components.
An I cannot change “Physical Component Nature” since options are greyed…
Please help because I need to solve it as soon as possible.
Romain D.

If you have this issue after performing a transition from LA to PA with Capella 1.4.0, this is an already detected bug.
This will be fixed in the next patch Capella 1.4.1 to be released by mid of the year.
In the meantime, you can solve your issue by changing the type of component by using the expert tab of the property view.
If you did not performed a transition, could you please explain more in details your issue?

Thanks for your reply.
These elements were already transionned in the previous version. And then I performed the migration and this issue occur at PA level.
I have solved it as recommended in your post.
Romain D.