Physical Architecture - Physical Links Traceability

I have a question related to the possibility of refering/linking a Physical Link created in the PAB with other Physical Links within the same diagram in order to show in the Semantic Browser that between those links there is a relation in order to understand the model.
I have realized this issue while developing the interfaces of my system. Initially I considered a duct as a Physical Link between 2 Physical Node Components, however, I have realized that the Duct itself could have some functionality and I decided to create another view using a clamp as Physcial Links and the the Duct as Component. So, my question here is if there is any way of linking the Physical Links ‘Duct’ and ‘Clamp’ to show to the stakeholders that relation through the Semantic Browser.
Thanks in advance

It depends on the nature of the “relation” between Duct and Clamps that you want to model.
If this “relation” is the fact that the Duct and the Clamp are in physical contact, maybe the Physical Port is what you are looking for.
If you want to show that Clamp + Duct + Clamp model elements make a “duct” (functionally speaking), the Physical Path can represent that.
Hope it helps.

Hello Juan,
Thank you for your answer.
I think the Physical Path would show this capability within the PAB.
Thanks a lot